Mountain Lesson No. 37


The journey to the top clears space for new ideas.

Coming back down to Waterfall Gully recently, we all agreed that the process of just getting up the top creates space in our thoughts. By the time one reaches the top, there is just enough detachment from the spinning wheel of the rat race effect that one’s mind can catch a glimpse of what’s really important. Another way to think of it is when you stop and think to yourself “oh, sh*t, what am I doing with my life (or my week or my month)?” 

The constant noise of input—input from work, kids, tv, news (god forbid), podcast, audiobook, radio, playlist, telephone, coworkers, expectations, neighbours, traffic, barking dogs, our Little Voice, etc.—leaves no room for peace. 

Peaceful moments create vacuums and this is when ideas and messages from our ‘other’ self tap us on the shoulder.

Find 4 minutes today to sit quietly with a tea or coffee and observe a little quiet.