Advice and accountability

“I get lots of advice but not how to apply it” —student

It’s easy, and cheap, to buy a book about something you wanna get better at, or take a class about it, but we don’t often get shown how to apply it in real life. There’s a gap between theory and practice. 

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Dan Kuss
You can’t read the label from inside the jar – Mountain Lesson No. 40

If you’re working long hours, not making enough money, struggling to switch off after work and feeling like you need help, you’re not alone. The thing is… it cant go on like this.

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Mountain Lesson No. 35

It’s okay to drop the ball. 
As parents, business owners, students, employers, teams and professionals we have so many things on our plate that it’s inevitable that every now and then we’ll drop one.

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Mountain Lesson No.33

The greatest enemy is the one within
Success. Confidence. Love. Enough. Courage. Resilience. Persistence. Endurance. Happiness. 
What stops you from achieving these states, talents and behaviours?

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Mountain Lesson No.30

Make time for yourself, no matter what!
Yeah yeah I know what you’re thinking, that you’ve heard this all before. “Be more present... be more mindful... meditate more often…bla bla bla…” That’s not what I’m talking about!

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