Leap of Faith

Set in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, this event was designed to take a group of friends and test their ability to overcome their fears.


“With some reservation, I participated in Dan’s new ‘Leap of Faith’ Program after being convinced that it’d be good for me.  In an intellectually, physically and emotionally charged environment, teamed with inspiring and motivating peers, my initial fear was soon replaced with excitement as I broke through barriers that I didn’t think I could.  Taking a leap of faith need not be just a metaphorical exercise.” – Nicholas Green, Hong Kong.


“We didn’t know what we were in for until we arrived at the destination. I’ve put myself through challenging events in the past, such as bungee jumping, underground caving, etc., so I wasn’t as intimidated by the hurdles ahead of me as some other people were. However, the challenges definitely still got my heart pumping, more so I think because I was being asked to put a great deal of trust into my new teammates.

The day is designed to take you out of you comfort zone, but not so much that you are crossing a line of danger. It left everyone on a high for hours afterward, and closer friendships were forged.

Everyone will take something away from this experience, whether it’s simply a tighter friendship with other teammates or they’ve completely smashed through a personal wall of fear! Get into it!” – Jay Evans Blenheim, New Zealand.