Empowering people and business with the mindset and tools to succeed.


About us

Dan Kuss lives in Adelaide, South Australia and is just like you. Same planet, same air, same challenges and same thoughts. He’s just managed to focus on the helpful thoughts and weed out the destructive ones. Dan loves to serve people – he has a clear vision to empower people to be the best that they can be. The context for facilitating this vision is business, health and mindset. The vehicles Dan delivers this vision through are consulting, coaching, training and speaking.


Dan is on a mission to empower people and business with the mindset and tools to succeed. For many years now he has helped people be more positive and take action towards creating a better life. He truly believes that life really can be a holiday if we trade what we love doing for money, and if he can manage to find a way to live a fun and rewarding life doing what he love, then anybody can do it. 

As a Success Coach for Torrens University, Dan worked with students to leverage their natural strengths and align their learning with their broader life purpose. Through one-on-one conversations, hosting workshops and group activities, he coaches students to successfully navigate the educational landscape and build personal and professional capability. With a focus on the student’s career goals, and trained in Gallup CliftonStrengths, he takes a strengths-based approach to engage with and motivate students for study and career success, improve their employability outcomes, including self-employment and entrepreneurship.

Drawing on over 20 years in business, including building a design and marketing agency and more recently a coaching practice, Dan shares his experiences and networks with the students and the university to create opportunities and the best student and life outcomes possible.

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Creative agent

Over twenty years, Dan has built a successful strategic marketing communications company – Creative Grease, thanks to a family of great clients and an amazing team. Creative Grease empowers business to communicate with courage and engagement, using a strategic approach that creates opportunity and growth.

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Animal Welfare Advocate

Dan is an animal welfare advocate and believes that we should treat animals as our equal.  He supports groups such as the RSPCA, for whom he is also an Animal Welfare Advocate Community Awareness Ambassador – regularly visiting kindergartens and schools to educate children on the importance of animal well-being.

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Trainer, speaker and leadership addict

Networking and speaking – two great ways to build business and confidence. Dan has been a member and Chapter President of BNI [Business Networking International]. This role has added to his skills as a business owner, enhancing his ability to confidently and powerfully speak to, and lead, teams. 

A certified trainer, leader and speaker, Dan delivers powerful presentations, keynotes, workshops and training.

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Board member

Active in the community, particularly around sport, Dan was a board member of Eye Play Sport [formerly Blind Sporting Council] for 3 years. Like his fellow board member Brad Jansen says “Playing sport is the other great Australian dream”, and everybody should get the opportunity to play.

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