Strengths Academy


We are all born with natural talents–those things that we do naturally well, and often without thinking about it.

In a world where we are told to focus on our weaknesses and work on becoming ‘well-rounded’, success by innate ability is becoming more and more stifled.

Using a strengths-based approach, we help people and teams create more success using the talents they already have. We believe that you can’t become anything you want–however you can become more of what you already are. We believe that you are unique, you are powerful, and your greatest potential lies in your strengths.

Through the CliftonStrengths Assessment by global analytics and advice firm Gallup, we help people to discover their strengths and unlock their potential. Research by Gallup finds that people who use their strengths are more engaged and productive at work, and 3x more likely than others to have an excellent quality of life. In fact, organisations that invest in strengths-based development achieve as much as a 29% increase in profit. Building a strengths-based workplace can also help organisations increase customer engagement by up to 7% and employee engagement by up to 15%.

Our team workshops and 1:1 coaching programs introduce participants to their talents, show them how to turn their talents into strengths and then leverage them in the workplace and team environment. The outcome is everyone playing to their strengths, increased engagement and higher performance.

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