Mountain Lesson No.30


Make time for yourself, no matter what!

Yeah yeah I know what you’re thinking, that you’ve heard this all before. “Be more present... be more mindful... meditate more often…bla bla bla…”

That’s not what I’m talking about! I am simply saying that we benefit from spending more time with ourselves. On our own. Not in bed half asleep at 11:30pm, looping on something we don’t understand. I mean spending some quality fully-awake time with our thoughts.

  • No devices

  • No books

  • No TV

  • No people

  • No distractions 

  • Just our thoughts

Okay okay! A diary or journal is a good idea. But handwritten notes only, not using a tablet or a phablet.

So many of us are so afraid of our thoughts that we will do anything we can to run away from them. Typically watching movies or bingeing on TV or drinking or spend time with people in shallow conversation, hoping to avoid things that we know we need to unpack.

Turning our backs on a garden full of weeds does not make the weeds go away. In fact, they proliferate like rabbits in Spring.

With the Holiday season upon us, we tend to get pulled in 50 directions and stretched to our limits of coping. Take a ‘time out’. Explain that you need a minute or 20 to reset yourself and just do it. If you’ve got kids, then you probably put the kids on a time out when the need to ‘reflect on their actions’, but do you do it for yourself?

Book it in, or be spontaneous and remove yourself from a situation.  

Buy yourself a new journal or notebook for Christmas and starting taking time-outs.

Happy Holidays!