Design your life – Walk to work.

walk to work

Summer is coming. Time to start walking everywhere.

Burn off breakfast, burn off peak hour traffic and light up your awareness. It’s amazing what you notice at 7 kilometres per hour.

We are all so busy these days that often the things that we enjoy the least or value the least fall off of the radar. If exercise is not high on your values then you’ll manage to find a way around it. It’s human nature. So, find a way to integrate a little exercise into your routine. Walk to work. Get off of the bus one stop early, park further away from the office, walk the kids to school, the list goes on.

Another benefit of walking to work is that you get some quiet time to yourself. Leave the phone in your pocket, put on some reflection music and get into a rhythm. If you enjoy reading then try an audiobook – unless you want to join the ‘tripped over while walking and reading my book at the same time’ club!

I used to walk to work every day – and back home. 4 kilometres each way.  Now, I ride everywhere and follow a simple 7-minute workout every day.

Where there’s a will [a goal], there’s a way.

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