Mountain Lesson No.32


We have everything we need within us.

About a week ago I lost my power, my self love, and my confidence. Well, at least that’s what it felt like.

You see, I had a bracelet made earlier this year to remind me that I am Powerful, I am Confident and I have Self Love. The words were stamped on it in stainless steel. 

We all go through times in our lives where we feel like we have lost something. Perhaps something that we considered to be one of our super powers–such as Confidence, Courage, Energy, Positivity or whatever it is that you consider to be your gift for getting you through almost anything.

The Universe decided that I didn’t need the  any more, and so it fell off somewhere while hiking last Saturday. Feeling a little bit like a young child that has lost their favourite toy, this took a few hours to get over (yes, I did get to sleep without it, ha ha!). I also noticed that I was pissed off about losing something that I had spent money on–a lesson in itself!

So, this weekend while walking with the group, I was talking about how we possess all the commitment and discipline that we need within us in order to make a change. In this case it was about carving out one day of the week for ourselves–especially as an employee, there’s just no real need to be available to do work or take work calls on a Sunday if you’re not paid to be available. A recipe for burn out, in my opinion. Sure, we can find exceptions to that rule, like commission, etc, but honesty… taking some time for ourselves helps keep us sane.

It makes sense then, that if I can find within myself the motivation and discipline to do my daily rituals of exercise, journaling, reading and learning, as well as coach others on how to do the same, then it also makes sense to be able to find within myself my power, confidence and self love, too. 

No need for a bracelet or other physical reminder, I’ll just have to imagine that it’s still there and remind myself that I have everything I need within me. 

What is it that you feel has been lost of taken from you? Did you give permission for it to be taken and are you ready to take it back? Are you ready to find it within yourself again?

Photo by eric combeau on Unsplash