Valuable habits pave the road to our destination


Never underestimate the power of habits, both good and bad.

This weekend’s mountain lesson is from one of our hiking OGs – Nicolas Correa.

[My] mountain lesson came to mind before the hike even started.

After a couple weeks working 12-hour days plus some extra work on the weekends, the temptation of sleeping in on Saturday morning and skip the mountain popped up even the day before.

However, right after waking up I realised that working 60-70 hour work weeks has been a proactive choice I’ve made in order to actively pursue and achieve my dreams; some of them selfish, some of them selfless. Dreams that will make me and those around me happier, living a more loving, fulfilled, and peaceful life.

Going to the mountain for me is not just “going to the mountain”. It’s about developing a really valuable habit that paves the road to my destination. It’s about being healthy, fit, mentally clear, being able to establish human face to face connections in this hyper connected virtual world. To be patient, to learn to listen, to elaborate ideas and present challenges, give feedback. To create community and brotherhood. To commit and not back up last minute. To breathe the crisp morning air, enjoy the million shades of green, get hypnotised wit the waterfall white noise, go barefoot, receive the sunshine on your skin. To be more present, grateful and happier. 

After 5 seconds of morning hesitation under the sheets, the mountain lesson came. “Love habits. They are the true path to your goals.” And I got up early once again.

Nicolas Correa

As the late American motivational speaker Jim Rohn said, “We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.”