Serving small to medium businesses for over 20 years, Dan has seen first-hand how challenging it can be to run a business. It’s easy to let a few things on the plate slide and before you know it, life is out of balance. If life is out of balance, then chances are that the business is out of balance, too. Dan works with individuals and business owners to get clarity around their goals and develop themselves into the people they need to be to achieve their goals.

Our lives are as great as our purpose and our goals. Our businesses are a direct reflection of us, as owners, as leaders and as decision makers. In order to grow a career and a business, we need to grow ourselves. We need to grow our personal brand – that direct reflection of who we are. Gaining clarity, being held accountable and supported along the journey is often just what we need.

The Get It Done Program

‘Get It Done’ is our introductory coaching program. It's about creating laser focus and identifying the important goals that need to happen now to achieve long term success. It's about being accountable and having your own coach there to keep you on track, gain clarity on your goals, address any lurking Little Voice issues that may get in the way and having someone 100% focused on your success. 

If you have never experienced what it's like to have someone there for you who has the experience to be on your side and hold you to your commitments in order to help you succeed... or if you just want to blast through some short-term goals or tasks, this program is a sure way to put you in the winners circle in just 5 weeks. 

Get It Done is one of the best coaching programs I have completed! As a person who is already good at taking action, this program accelerated the process to the next level and given me even bigger results! Waleska Cherpa, Santiago, Chile 

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The Little Voice Accountability Program 

How would you like to make a quantum leap in your life or business within the next 8 weeks? 

How do you think your life would change if you could be coached by Dan’s coach, Blair Singer, 24/7 with his interactive system teaching you Little Voice Mastery, Sales and Team Building AND have Dan holding accountable throughout the process? 

Do you think your results in those areas would sky rocket? Our experience certainly tells us they will! 

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Unleash Your Superpowers for Success

Do you know your natural talents? Are you aware of how to use them to create more success in your life and career?

We are all born with talents–those things that we do naturally well, and often without thinking about it. In a world where we are told to focus on our weaknesses and work on becoming ‘well-rounded’, success by innate ability is becoming more and more stifled.

Research by global analytics and advice firm Gallup finds that when you use your strengths you are 6 times likely to be engaged and productive at work, and 3 times more likely to have an excellent quality of life. In fact, organisations that invest in strengths-based development achieve as much as a 29% increase in profit.

Through the CliftonStrengths Assessment by Gallup, we’ll help you to discover your strengths and unlock your potential.

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Mastermind Group

If working in teams is where you shine, then perhaps the Mastermind Group is for you. If you don’t function well in teams then this is especially for you.

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Not just for business owners.

Coaching is not just for business. Whether you’re interested in building a career, getting back into the workforce or learning to be the best person that you can for yourself and your family, learning and development is the key to growing ourselves and being empowered to have a greater impact on our family, our friends and our community.

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At a time in my life when my inner compass was broken, Dan was able to work through my thoughts to determine a positive direction and put me back on track.
— Prue Grund | Little Red Caboose