Mountain Lesson No.34

port elliot horseshoe bay mountain lesson 34

Big problems get smaller as we get bigger. 

You may have heard the saying “you are only as big as the things that annoy you”. I remember I used to swear that I would camp out in the bushes next to the dog park opposite my house and catch people who don’t pick up after their dogs. But after I heard the saying about being only as big as the things that annoy you, I decided that surely I must be bigger than dog shit.

And as we get bigger,  indeed the universe throws bigger challenges at us—testing us to see whether we are ready for the next level in life.

Even when we think we are ready for the next level, we can easily get distracted by the noise and problems right in front of us. And when they are right in front of us, they can often appear to be bigger than they actually are—perspective is all out of whack.

I’m definitely being tapped on the shoulder at the moment—tested by a situation to see how I will respond—or react. At BSTA  we call this perturbation. All it took for me to reset perspective was a two-man tent and a one-hour drive to one of South Australia’s most beautiful beaches to spend two days camping with my son. No distractions, no TV, no laptop, no gaming consoles, none of those things. Just a view of the amazing, vast ocean to put us in perspective of how small we are and how small our apparent problems are.

So, when you are on your journey to being a bigger human being, more capable of taking on greater challenges and creating more prosperity for your life and your family, remember that sometimes the obstacles right in front of you are bigger than they appear. Step back, take a breath—or two days of breathing by the ocean and re-assess the situation.

Everything is happening for a reason, so trust the process, trust your intuition and make your decisions with clarity.