The consistent art of discipline


I have been discussing discipline with clients and students lately and when we get to the bottom of understanding it, we generally agree that it's about consistency. Being consistent in our actions.

One of my great mentors, Mack Newton, shares stories with us about World Series-winning teams and the discipline required to be the best athletes in pro baseball or American football, or in fact the best at anything. Mack says that discipline is:

"doing what you have to do, when you have to do it, whether you like it or not!"

If we take it one step further, or from a different angle, it's about consistently doing what we have to do. No excuses, just consistently doing what we have to do.

Listening to Michelle Bridges recently at NAC2018 in Brisbane, she attributes her success to being consistent, not just one-off effort, or occasional wizardry, but day in day out consistent behaviours and actions. The same goes for meditation, study, exercise, mind power exercises, communication, the list goes on.

We don't achieve success at anything worthwhile by doing it occasionally, or in random efforts of clumped together activity, but in consistent daily action.

So, choose which approach works best for you-disciple or consistency-and get back to creating your dreams, one daily effort at a time.

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