Every master was once a disaster!

Have you ever tried something once, failed (according to you) and then given up?

I don’t like following recipes, in fact, any kind of system that is repetitive (boring) tends to drive me nuts. My Activator and Ideation talents are always looking forward to new things to do. So it’s no surprise that my first attempt at making rum balls was a failure. Some of them clearly looking like a part of the male anatomy rather than a spherical ball.

Will I give up? 
Will I make these again? 
Hell yes! 
They are a tasty treat with the dual purpose of also being a dessert with rum.

Do they have to be perfectly round balls? 
No! Not in my opinion. But I am not everyone—some people strive for perfection and aren’t satisfied til the achieve it.

Remember this: 
Every master was once a disaster! 
So if you find yourself trying something new and being disheartened, feeling like you have failed, and wanting to give up then remember that even Mozart had to start somewhere.

In order to grow, we need to acquire new skills and try new things. Learning a new language (or 3 at once like my scattered attempt), cooking a new dish, try public speaking, learn to sell, teach, learn story telling, coach someone, serve your first client, taking a fitness class, the list goes on.

Forget about what others will think, it’s none of your business what others think about you. 
Get some practice then do your best. 

Make mistakes, suck it up and go again. Let’s make disaster an art form!

Dan KussComment