Set a goal and write it down

Goal card

Goal card

A reminder of the power of setting a goal and writing it down.

I recall this time last year when this old and worn-out goal card fell out of a book of mine, with the assistance of the universe I am sure, while looking for a resource to lend a student on coaching.

The book was The Business Coach by Bradley J Sugars and around the time I was reading it, in 2007, my business coach had me set a goal and describe it using a particular principle. Back then my Porsche 'addiction' was as it’s peak, and so setting a goal to get one made sense to me. I set that goal in 2007, with the plan to achieve it by my 35th birthday–August 21, 2010.

Being very visual, I made a pocket-sized card with the goal and image of the car on it. The same poster hung on a wall during that era, a constant reminder to me–and my surprisingly vision-endorsing wife, considering it was what some would call a 'materialistic' goal.

3 years for a goal to come true seems like a long time. I guess it depends on the size and value of the goal. If we want it badly enough, we’ll move mountains to achieve it.

It all came true on July 21, 2009. One year and one month early.

The universe reminded me of all this on that day last year, and perhaps sharing it will inspire you, or somebody you know, to keep their dream alive.

5 easy steps to setting your goal and bring it to life:

  1. Set a goal – using a goal-setting process.

  2. Write it down – arguably the most important step. If your goal remains in your head then it's just a dream.

  3. Create an affirmation of your goal – set it in present tense, with a date, in the first person and with clarity and detail. In our creative agency we would always say to clients that 'a wishy washy brief creates a wishy washy outcome'. The devil is in the detail.

  4. Create vision board to remind yourself every day – use images and words to represent your goal and put it somewhere visible. Photograph it and make a goal card like mine. Make it your wallpaper and screensaver. Declare it to the world!

  5. Visualise your goal everyday – several times a day close your eyes and imagine your goal has come true. How does it feel? What does it look like? Who is there with you? What sounds and smells are there?

  6. Believe! – Believe in yourself and your goal. If this process sounds like hocus pocus to you then please change your view and do some research on visualisation. Olympians use it to imagine their events before they compete, practising it in their minds. Comment below if you would like to know more about this process.

PS. It only took a couple months for the car to spend its first night outside in the rain. A valuable lesson in there, too.