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Design your life tip #22: What’s on your list?

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What’s on your list? Do you use a shopping list when you do the groceries? Or do you wander around trying to remember what you need, zigzagging across the supermarket…

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Design your life tip #21: Happy be-ing

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So, how did you go with sitting still for 5 minutes? Not that easy is it! This practice of sitting still and simply be-ing is commonly called meditation, and more…

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Design your life tip #20: A great many catastrophes

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Do you ever find that the little things that happen on a daily basis can sometimes, okay very regularly, bunch together like magnetic balls and become overwhelming? If not overwhelming,…


Design your life tip # 19: Keep your little voice in check.

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When was the last time you talked yourself out of doing something you knew you should have done? One of my mentors, Blair Singer,  talks a lot about our little…

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Design your life tip # 18: Learn more to (L)earn more.

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Quite often, a trainer (educator or any kind of trainer) will demonstrate a hidden word or meaning in another word. For example, React can be considered an act in response…