Hope Dolino

Dan is one of our Industry Mentors for the AEWEN program, a SA Gov initiative that helps support international students to develop their employability skills and social connections. He is adored by his mentees because of his coaching skills that does not only help students brainstorm valuable solutions for their clients, but also because of his human-centred approach that makes people’s every encounter with him very worthwhile. We as a company that delivers experiential programs nationwide greatly appreciates mentors like Dan because he is not only highly skilled at what he does, but he is also someone who genuinely cares in bringing out the best in people. Thank you Dan and you are always very generous in sharing your knowledge and skills in nurturing the next batch of future leaders!

Hope Dolino | WIL Programs Coordinator, Practera

Doug Phillips headshot

Dan Kuss presented to our business network group and we couldn’t be happier with the results. We were in need of a motivational and inspirational boost, and we were not disappointed. Dan also gave us some simple mental tools to aid with eliminating procrastination and prioritising effectively. I highly recommend Dan for any group or organisation who are looking to find an edge or conquer limiting beliefs and behaviour.

Doug Phillips | Freelance Copywriter

Eoin Loftus SATIC Board

One meeting with Dan provided me a new perspective – a more holistic one. Amongst other things, booking our first overseas family holiday in 6 years!

Eoin Loftus | CEO, Culshaw Group of Companies. Incorporating Majestic Hotels


Group project can always be tough, especially for 6 international inexperienced students who just met each other, had various backgrounds, and were expected to solve a real-world problem and deliver a business strategy report in 3 weeks. Yet, we were fortunate enough to have Dan as our mentor throughout the project. With all his experience and interactive approach, Dan was able to see through the changing team dynamic quickly to empower us with the mindset we needed most as a group. Meanwhile, Dan could always provide us with some simple but very actionable and effective tips in terms of project planning, team communication, client relationship management, business etiquette, etc. And most importantly, Dan was a mentor who really cared about his students and was willing to spend extra time to share his insights and support us. Collaboratively, the team was able to deliver above the client’s expectation. Moreover, all of us consider this group experience as the most valuable and inspiring one we’ve ever had, most of which can definitely be credited to Dan.

Hao Xu | AEWEN participant (Adelaide Engage Work Experience Network)


Dan is an inspiring and engaging speaker that SA Tourism Industry Council (SATIC) were fortunate enough to have as a Motivational Speaker at the 2018 SA State Tourism Conference and Flinders Ranges and Outback Tourism Forum. His keynote presentation on 'Your natural talents are your superpowers for success' helped delegates be aware of their strengths and utilise their natural talents in both their career and personal life. His presentation style is filled with passion, energy, motivation and is highly interactive. I would recommend Dan to anyone looking for a Conference or Workshop speaker.

Abbey Buckham | Event Coordinator, South Australian Tourism Industry Council


Before working with Dan I was putting in long hours, wearing many hats, feeling stressed and always tired. The first thing we did was to set goals in several key areas of my life and business. We hired a general manager and introduced systems and key metrics to measure my businesses performance. 

I now have more time to work on my business and myself, instead of just in it. My fitness has improved, my wealth has grown and we even got a dog. I would recommend Dan to anyone looking to make improvements in their life and business who knows that they need guidance and accountability, or even a sounding board for ideas – especially when the heat is on.

Adrian | Adelaide

Katey Halliday

Dan recently gave a very engaging and valuable presentation on ‘Networking and Employability Skills’ at the Annual Rotary District 9500 RYLA program (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards). His presentation style was energetic and interactive, and inspired participants, aged 18-26, to believe in themselves and their ability to achieve their career goals by utilising their new found skills.

Of the 15 presenters we heard from throughout the week-long leadership program, many participants commented that Dan was their favourite because of his engaging presentation style and the useful and realistic tips he was able to provide.

Katey Halliday | Coordinator RYLA – Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

Prue Grund

At a time in my life when my inner compass was broken, Dan was able to work through my thoughts to determine a positive direction and put me back on track.

Actually I came to the conclusion myself, but Dan asked the right questions to really make me think about what I wanted. It was through this systematic thought process and coaching through my brain clutter, I was able to determine very real goals and to finally find some meaning and focus.

It reinvigorated my drive to succeed; not just in my career, but in my family and personal life and most importantly in myself. He won’t do the work for you, everyone is accountable for their own destiny, no excuses, but with his coaching, he will ensure failure is not an option.

Prue Grund | Little Red Caboose