Power Platform Program

Power Platform Program creates results

Dan’s Power Platform program is an 8-week one-on-one coaching program that is designed to grow your business and your life – fast. Across five key areas of your life, the program will help implement the changes you need in your business and to step into the person you need to be to grow the business.

Coaching is no longer just for sports. Life coach, business coach, music coach, spiritual coach, health coach, relationship coach, personal development coach, [insert need] coach. Where there is a need for improvement, there is a coaching system. Business and life coaching services have grown exponentially in the last decade. Why? Because there is a demand for it. For the same reason that Personal Training gets better results than holding yourself accountable in the gym, a coach can keep you on track, support and encourage you, celebrate your wins with you and kick your b*tt when you need a little nudge to get back to your best.

For small business owners their business is their life, and hence personal development and life coaching have become critical to the success of business development. Too often we’ve seen the casualties of workaholic business owners that leave no room in their lives for anything else. Balance is essential for longevity.

8 weeks. One-on-one. Face to face*.

Drawing on his experiences running his own creative business, serving businesses from micro to Australia-wide organisations, Dan guides his coaching clients through an intensive program designed to create balance and change.


*Face to face sessions are only available within the Adelaide metro area, unless otherwise agreed. For clients that are not in Adelaide, we use video conferencing such as Skype.