Design Your Life & Grow Your Business

Dan speaking at business plan mastery

Are you working harder and harder but not getting the results that you know you deserve?

Do you have goals for your business and career but don’t know where to start to make them a reality?

In this interactive event, you’ll discover the five pillars that will make or break your success in business and in life.

Design your life around these pillars and watch your business grow.


You are where you want to be.

It is no accident that we are where we are in our lives. I believe that we are exactly where we want to be, not motivated enough to change and therefore we settle for what we have.

Either the goal that we have set does not juice us, or the pain isn’t great enough to move away from where we are. 


Learn how to create what you want.

Creating the life and business of your dream begins with knowing what you want. But that isn’t enough. In over 20 years of being in business, I have been fortunate enough to work with thousands of people from hundreds of industries and backgrounds.

I’ve seen such variation in success that it has become clear that the people that are the most successful are the ones that not only expect it, but also focus on it and take action towards it.


It’s all in your head!

Creating what you want in business and life starts with a vision. The clearer your vision, the greater your chance of success. As the saying goes, it really is all in your head.

The secret to getting what you want is simpler than you think – and it’s the single biggest reason why successful people reach their goals. Learn how to create a compelling vision of your business that gets you up early and keeps you up late.


Whether you think you can or think you can’t you are probably right.


Learn to think like a warrior, and see everything as a challenge, instead of a blessing or a curse. 

Success in life has got little to do with circumstance and everything to do with what you do with an opportunity. It has everything to do with how you ‘re-act’ to a situation, and that is determined by your mindset.

80% of success comes from just showing up. 

Be it applying for a job, starting a business or just getting to the gym. Nothing happens until you take action. 

Learn how to create the right attitude and the tools that guarantee a much greater probability of achieving your goals and creating what you want.


What you’ll learn.

  1. The 5 pillars that make or break success in business and in life.

  2. How to create a compelling vision of your future – one that motivates you towards change and keeps you on track – every day.
  3. The single biggest reason why successful people get what they want.
  4. How to think like a warrior, and see everything as a challenge, instead of a blessing or a curse.
  5. How to design your life so that you get more of what you want and less of what you don’t.

Are you are ready to make a change?

Does being ‘comfortable’ in life, having ‘job security’ and just enough money to make ends meet make you uncomfortable?

If you know that the universe has more in mind for you then take action and come to this high energy, interactive workshop and get started.